Cybersecurity Firm Group-IB Targeted Frequently by Chinese APT

Cybersecurity Firm Group-IB Targeted Frequently by Chinese APT

Security firm Group-IB claims that over the past few years, it was repeatedly targeted by a threat actor thought to be connected to the Chinese government.

Group-IB claimed it was the target of the advanced persistent threat (APT) group known as Tonto Team, Karma Panda, CactusPete, Bronze Huntley, Earth Akhlut, and HeartBeat in a blog post that was published on Monday. However, an investigation showed that Tonto Team also targeted the cybersecurity firm in 2021. The most recent attack was discovered in June 2022.

Attackers targeted Group-IB by sending emails to the company’s employees that contained malicious attachments. Tonto Team is thought to have existed since at least 2009 and targets infrastructure, military, and diplomatic organizations in Asia and Eastern Europe.

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