‘Dark Herring’ Billing Malware Swims onto 105M Android Devices

‘Dark Herring’ Billing Malware Swims onto 105M Android Devices-01 (1)

Nearly 500 malicious apps hidden in the Google Play Store have successfully installed a malicious computer program called Dark Herring – a criminal intended to add fraudulent costs to the network company – on more than 100 million Android devices worldwide.

Dark Herring malware was discovered by a team of researchers and Zimperium, which estimates the amount of campaigns they managed to steal from hundreds of millions, at a cost of $ 15 per month per victim. Google has removed all 470 malicious apps from the Google Play Store, and the company said fraudulent services are low, but any user with already installed apps can be harassed down the street. Apps are still available in third-party app stores.

Consumers around the world, especially in areas with small banks, rely on direct network company (DCB) charging as a mobile payment method, adding billing for non-telecommunications services to a consumer monthly phone bill.

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