DoorDash Announces Data Breach Associated with Twilio Attack


DoorDash, a business that delivers food, disclosed on Thursday that a recent breach at a third-party vendor had resulted in the exposure of customer and employee data. According to DoorDash, hackers misused a vendor’s access to its networks.

By abusing DoorDash’s internal tools, the attacker was able to access the data of “a small fraction of people.” Customers’ names, email addresses, delivery addresses, and phone numbers are among the compromised data. In other instances, basic order details and partial payment card information (card type and last four digits of card number) were also disclosed. The attacker gained access to the name, phone number, or email address of Dashers—those who make deliveries.

The business said in a statement, “We have no reason to suspect that the affected personal information has been exploited for fraud or identity theft.”

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