Fronton IOT Botnet Delivers Substantial Disinformation

Fronton IOT Botnet Delivers Substantial Disinformation

A re-examination of the DDoS-focused Fronton botnet reveals that the criminal tool has expanded capabilities. Fronton botnet is significantly more capable than merely executing a DDOS attack; it can monitor social media trends and launch appropriate propaganda.

In March 2020, the Fronton botnet made headlines for the first time. At that time, a hacktivist organization known as Digital Revolution allegedly stole papers purportedly from 0day Technologies, a purported contractor for Russia’s Federal Security Service.

Now, the cybersecurity company Nisos reports that the Fronton virus extends beyond delivering DDoS assaults and can be used to generate a large number of social media profiles, which may subsequently be used to manipulate social media to influence public opinion.

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