Google Cloud Gets Virtual Machine Threat Detection

Google Cloud Gets Virtual Machine Threat Detection-01

The new Virtual Machine Threat Detection (VMTD), now available at the Security Command Center (SCC), provides useless memory scans to help identify malicious computer mining and other threats to VMs. With the growth of organizations using cloud technology, the number of cloud-based threats has grown significantly, and VMTD represents one of the actions Google is taking to help customers protect their assets, the company said in a statement announcing the power.

With the use of multiple cloud computing risks due to cryptocurrency mining, VMTD is designed to help protect against this type of attack, as well as data corruption and ransomware, Google said. The main idea about VMTD is to help customers identify potential behaviors within their VMs without requiring them to use additional software, thus ensuring that performance is not compromised in any way and that the attack environment remains low.

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