Google Pays OSS-Fuzz Project Integrations $600,000

Google Pays OSS-Fuzz Project Integrations $600,000

Google has announced the expansion of its OSS-Fuzz rewards program, designed to reward contributors who integrate projects into OSS-Fuzz.

Launched in 2016, OSS-Fuzz said that the objective is to enhance the security of common software infrastructure by continuously fuzzing open-source software to help identify vulnerabilities. After launching the program and announcing rewards ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 for projects integrated into OSS-Fuzz, Google now claims to have paid out over $600,000 to over 65 different contributors as part of the program.

According to “the criticality of the project,” the internet search marketing behemoth has now raised the maximum reward for new project integration to $30,000.

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