Hacktivist Attacks Display Ease of Industrial Control System Hacking


Early in September, the industrial cybersecurity company Otorio revealed that the pro-Palestine hacktivist collective GhostSec claimed to have “hacked” 55 Berghof programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that were situated in Israel.

In a video they released, the hackers demonstrated their control over the PLC’s administration panel and a related human-machine interface (HMI). Additionally, they shared a screenshot of a PLC that had been stopped, which, to someone who is unfamiliar with how industrial processes operate, might suggest that a significant disruption may have occurred.

The business has also investigated GhostSec’s subsequent allegations and discovered that the water-related ICS was in fact connected to a hotel pool. The experts stated that it would have been challenging to determine the ICS’s connection to a pool without performing their analysis.

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