Hikvision Wireless Bridges Have a Serious Vulnerability That Allows CCTV Hacking


Hikvision, a Chinese company that specializes in video surveillance, has patched a serious flaw in some of its wireless bridge products. The researchers who discovered the vulnerability claim that it can result in remote CCTV hacking.

The company disclosed that two of its wireless bridge products, intended for elevator and other video surveillance systems, are impacted by CVE-2022-28173, a critical access control vulnerability, in an advisory released on December 16. Sending specially crafted messages to vulnerable devices can be used to take advantage of the security flaw and gain administrator access.

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Wireless bridge from Hikvision is susceptible to hacker attacks Patches for the DS-3WF0AC-2NT and DS-3WF01C-2N/O products’ firmware are now available. A patch was made available earlier this month after the vendor received a report of the problem from CERT India in September.

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