ID Theft Protection Helps Improve Productivity for Employees, Says Study

Improve Productivity for Employees

ID theft protection services can improve productivity for employers and employees, according to the latest survey from the Identity Theft Research Center (ITRC) and Aura Identity Guard.

The survey is based on responses of 1,505 employers and 1,520 employees have previously experienced an ID compromise. Nearly 94% of employees said they were able to respond more quickly in the event of ID vulnerability, while the majority of them said the services helped them resolve their ID compromises issue faster. The cost of the time it takes for employees to deal with identity theft can result in opportunity costs of millions of dollars annually for a single company, noted Gerry Baldwin, GM of employee benefits at Aura Identity Guard.

The report noted that more effective and efficient problem resolution due to ID theft protection resulted in the reduction of stress for both employees and employers.

Source: Scmagazine