Leaks in source codes of some global brands

Leaks in source codes

Organizations from various industries including technology, manufacturing, eCommerce, food, etc., had their source code leaked on the public domain due to infrastructural misconfigurations. This included big names like Nintendo, Microsoft, Adobe, AMD, Hisilicon, Disney, Johnson Controls, Qualcomm, etc.

The majority of these leaks which are called “Exconfidential” are available on a public repository located on GitLab. Such leaks are more commonly known as “Confidential & Proprietary”. Developer and Reverse engineer Tillie Kottman has collected these leaks from their research of wrongly configured DevOps architecture and tools which give direct access to source code and from other sources as well.

A researcher from Bank Security said that not all folders in the repository are populated, however, credentials were present in certain folders.

Source: Bleepingcomputer