Meta Has Paid USD 16 Million in Bug Bounties Since 2011


On Thursday, Facebook’s parent company Meta revealed that since 2011, it has paid out over USD 16 million in bug bounties, with USD 2 million going to winners in just 2022.

Only 8,500 of the more than 170,000 vulnerability reports that the company has received from security researchers so far have been given a reward, according to the company. Researchers from 45 different nations received compensation for spotting security flaws in Facebook and other services and goods. Over 750 of the roughly 10,000 vulnerability reports that the social media behemoth received in 2022 were the subject of bounties.

Updated payout policies for VR technology were also disclosed by Meta, and they now include Meta Quest Pro devices. A researcher received USD 44,250 at the BountyCon conference for a Meta Quest 2 OAuth flaw that allowed a two-click account takeover.

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