Microsoft Describes a Recent Bypassing Gatekeeper Vulnerability


This week, Microsoft released information on CVE-2022-42821, a Gatekeeper bypass flaw that Apple patched in its most recent versions of MacOS, Ventura, Monterey, and Big Sur.

The security flaw, which was discovered in July 2022, is described as a logic flaw that could be used to get around Gatekeeper checks, potentially enabling threat actors to run malicious code on weak systems. According to Microsoft, bypasses of gatekeeper like this one “could be used as a vector for initial access by malware and other threats and could help increase the success rate of malicious campaigns and attacks on MacOS.”

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Users are asked for permission to run a downloaded application that has been duly signed and notarized; if the app is untrusted, users are informed that the app cannot be executed.

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