New “Shikitega” Linux Malware Seizes Full Control of Infected Machines


A fresh piece of malware that can completely manage vulnerable Linux computers, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices, has been identified by security experts at AT&T Alien Labs.

The threat, known as Shikitega, is transmitted by a series of infection steps, each of which is in charge of a portion of the payload and fetches and executes the module before it. The malware downloads and runs Metasploit’s “Mettle” meterpreter to make sure it can take complete control of a system that has been compromised. Additionally, it tries to escalate privileges and gain persistence by utilizing system flaws.

Shikitega employs a polymorphic encoder to avoid detection while hosting part of its command and control (C&C) servers on reliable cloud services. Attackers can carry out assaults like camera controls, sniffers, various reverse shells, shell commands, process controls, and more with the aid of Mettle.

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