New Ways to Hide Malware Inside SSD Firmware Discovered

New Ways to Hide Malware Inside SSD Firmware Discovered

Researchers from Korea have developed a new set of attacks against Solid-State Drives (SSDs). These attacks allow the deployment of malware in locations that are out of reach of security solutions and users.

The attacks target drives with flex capacity features and hidden areas on the device called over-provisioning areas used by SSD makers for performance optimization on storage systems based on NAND flash.

For protection against the first attack, SSD manufacturers should wipe their OP area using a pseudo-erase algorithm without affecting performance. For the second attack, the recommended countermeasure is to implement valid-invalid data rate monitoring systems to watch the ratio in SSDs in real-time. This can warn the user in case the invalid data ratio rises suddenly and provide an option to verifiably wipe data in the OP area.

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