North Korean Hackers Launch Malicious npm Packages Against Developers


According to new findings from Phylum, a set of fake npm packages discovered on the Node.js repository have ties to North Korean state-sponsored actors.

The packages are called execution-time-async, data-time-utils, login-time-utils, mongodb-connection-utils, and mongodb-execution-utils. One of the packages in question, execution-time-async, masquerades as its legitimate counterpart, execution-time, a library that receives over 27,000 weekly downloads. Execution-time is a Node.js utility that measures the time it takes to execute code.

In an interesting twist, the threat actors attempted to conceal the obfuscated malicious code in a test file, which is designed to fetch next-stage payloads from a remote server, steal credentials from web browsers such as Brave, Google Chrome, and Opera, and retrieve a Python script, which then downloads other scripts.

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