Okta Concludes the Lapsus$ Breach Investigation and Adds New Security Controls

Okta Concludes the Lapsus_ Breach Investigation and Adds New Security Controls

Okta, a business that specialises in identity and access management, has announced that it has completed its investigation into the Lapsus$ hacking incident and has terminated connections with the third-party company that was at the core of the attack.

When facing public backlash for communication snafus after the hack was discovered, Okta released a statement on Wednesday emphasising that the incident’s impact was “much lower than they previously scoped”.

According to a statement from Okta’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) David Bradbury, the business initially found that 366 customers were compromised, but that harm was mitigated after a third-party forensic analysis. Okta has ended its partnership with Sykes/Sitel and will now “directly supervise” any devices used to access its customer support products by third parties

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