PAYSTRAX Chooses VikingCloud’s Web Risk Monitoring Solution to Condense Merchant Fraud

PAYSTRAX Chooses VikingCloud's Web Risk Monitoring Solution to Condense Merchant Fraud

VikingCloud partners with PAYSTRAX for its Web Risk Monitoring solution. Merchant fraud is projected to account for US$41 billion in losses by 2023 globally.

PAYSTRAX chooses VikingCloud for its ability to identify illegal online sales faster and trading activities across its European merchant portfolio. It commits to combat the growing risk of fraud.

With the help of VikingCloud’s monitoring services, PAYSTRAX can confidently view that their merchants’ sales and trade comply with local laws and regulations.

It can also view MasterCard’s Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation (BRAM) and Visa’s Integrity Risk Program (VIRP). VikingCloud’s risk assessment and compliance experts also keep buyers up-to-date on shifting regulations and other legislation as part of a managed solution.

By using VikingCloud’s Web Risk Monitoring solution, PAYSTRAX can regularly scan all merchant websites. It can evaluate illegitimate products and detect merchants hiding illegal transactions.

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