Ransomware Attack to Record Seven-Fold Increase in 2020, says Study

Ransomware Attack

The latest report from Bitdefender says there has been a seven-fold surge in ransomware attacks in 2020. The number has increased compared to 2019 as attackers are continually evolving their tactics.

Ransomware attacks are getting more sophisticated in recent years, with cybercriminals aiming to encrypt as much of a corporate network as possible in order to extort a Bitcoins ransom in return for restoring it.

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There has been a 715% year-on-year increase in detected and blocked ransomware attacks, according to the Mid-Year Threat Landscape Report 2020 from Bitdefender. Moreover, the ransomware is evolving as the most popular forms of ransomware in 2019 have disappeared and new once have emerged. In some cases, these are even more disruptive and damaging.

Source: Zdnet