RIPE NCC Warns of Credential-Stuffing Attack  

RIPE NCC Warns of Credential-Stuffing Attack

Regional internet registry RIPE NCC warns users regarding a credential-stuffing attack against its single sign-on service, RIPE NCC Access, and encourages them to implement two-factor authentication.

Located in Amsterdam, RIPE NCC is the regional internet registry for Western Asia, Europe, and the former Soviet Union. RIPE NCC said that the attack caused some downtime and that preliminary investigations have not yet revealed that any single sign-on (SSO) accounts have been compromised.

In a security notice, RIPE NCC told account holders, “We would like to ask you to enable two-factor authentication on your RIPE NCC Access account if you have not already done so, to ensure that your account is secure. In general, using two-factor authentication across all your accounts can help limit your exposure to such attacks.”

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