RIPTA Data Breach Affected About 22,000 People

RIPTA Data Breach Affected About 22_000 People-01

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority shared documents with the Senate oversight committee on Monday night revealing that of those affected, 5,000 RIPTA employees and 17,000 were employees of other government agencies. RIPTA sent letters in December to 22,000 people, the organization said on Tuesday.

The institute said that unauthorized access was obtained from some of its computer systems and that personal information – including Social Security numbers and Medicare ID numbers – was at risk. The violation is still being investigated, both within and by the state attorney general.

“At this stage, we do not believe we have made a mistake, but we are still investigating,” RIPTA Senior Adviser Steven Colantuono testified in the case. RIPTA Director Scott Avedisian, speaking for the first time about the violation, said most of the information generated was contained in documents from a previous health system manager, stored on unregistered RIPTA servers.

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