Sandworm APT Attacks ASUS Routers with Cyclops Blink Botnet

Sandworm APT Attacks ASUS Routers with Cyclops Blink Botnet-01

The Cyclops Blink modular botnet, which is related to the same advanced persistent threat (APT) behind the NotPetya wiper assaults, is now targeting ASUS routers.

The botnet’s objective is likely to be significantly more serious than the typical Mirai knockoff’s fondness for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Researchers believe the Russian-speaking APT behind the NotPetya hacks and the shutdown of Ukraine’s power grid is preparing for more serious attacks. While this isn’t the usual APT activity, researchers believe the botnet will be utilized as a persistent infrastructure for launching more assaults on high-value targets, and as such, should be widely disseminated for maximum impact.

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