Sangfor Announces Solution to Remove Ransomware in 3 Seconds


Sangfor Technologies announces their new 3 Seconds Ransomware solution. The solution is based on Sangfor’s XDDR (eXtended Detection, Defense & Response) integration framework. The framework will offer robust anti-ransomware capabilities to businesses that can be tailored based on cybersecurity needs.

The new Ransomware solution is the new Endpoint Secure 6.0.2 with the new Network Secure advanced firewall.

Apart from this, the solution is also modular and flexible, allowing organizations to deploy it based on their current needs and upgrade their cybersecurity as their needs grow.

With the help of anti-ransomware technology, Sangfor has introduced this solution after proper testing and verification of Endpoint Secure to detect and kill ransomware or other advanced persistent threats (APTs) within 3 seconds.

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