Security Analysts Focus On Outdated Malware Investigations

Security Analysts Focus On Outdated Malware Investigations

The forms of malware remain the most frequently investigated by security analysts, even if they are not the most widespread ones used by cyber-attackers – confirms Kaspersky in its latest report. It revealed that whilst Droppers and Backdoors are amongst the top three commonly sent free requests to the Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal, they together only make up for 3% and 7% of all malicious files blocked by the reliable Kaspersky endpoint products.
The Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal focuses on helping analysts to better understand the background of every attack following the detection of malicious activity to develop effective remediation and response measures.
Anonymized statistics from this portal reveals that 72% of all free requests sent related to three categories – Droppers (23%), Backdoors (24%), and Trojans (25%).
The reason for this disparity is because researchers are often interested in the final target of the attack, whereas the endpoint protection products aim to curb cyber-attacks at an early stage, even before they reach the user’s computer.
Source: Infosecuritymagzine