Security Posture Management Firm Veriti Emerges from Stealth with USD 18.5M in Funding

Security Posture Management

Veriti, a start-up in security posture management, has exited stealth mode after raising USD 18.5 million in two funding rounds led by Insight Partners, NFX, and AMITI.

The Tel Aviv-based company was established in 2021 with the goal of assisting businesses in strengthening their security posture by proactively and continuously looking for and addressing security holes and misconfigurations throughout the entire business environment. Veriti claims that in order to give CISOs and IT directors from various industries visibility, monitoring, and useful insights, it developed its Unified Security Posture Management platform based on their input.

The platform integrates with the entire security stack of an organization and continually assesses the security posture using information from logs, configurations, sensors, and threat intelligence feeds.

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