Vidar Spyware Concealed In Microsoft Help Files

Vidar Spyware Concealed In Microsoft Help Files-01 (1)

Vidar malware has been discovered in a new phishing campaign that abuses Microsoft HTML help files. To prevent detection in email spam operations, the malware is hidden in Microsoft Compiled HTML Help (CHM) files, according to Trustwave cybersecurity.

Vidar is a spyware programme for Windows that can be bought by cybercriminals and can steal information. Vidar collects OS and user data, as well as credentials for online services, Cryptocurrency accounts, and credit card information.

Researchers have also found that the C++ malware is being spread through the pay-per-install PrivateLoader dropper and the Fallout exploit kit. The email campaign used to distribute Vidar, according to Trustwave, is far from sophisticated.

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