WeLeakData.com Leak Reveals Private Messages from Hackers

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WeLeakDatacom Leak Reveals Private Messages from Hackers

According to a recent report by Cyble, WeLeakdata.com went offline abruptly in 2020. The site notorious for its discussions on data breaches, and related activity has been on the radar of organizations like the FBI.

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Its recent closure brings a major respite for enterprises, as it was home to over 10,000 data databases. Cyble reported that there were rumors of its closing, due to the arrest of its operation head. Moreover, the databases on this website were kept for sale on the dark web. The information revealed email addresses, IP addresses, private messages, and passwords of hackers, researchers, cybercriminals active on the website.

Source: https://www.cisomag.com/weleakdata-com-compromised-hackers-private-messages-leaked/

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