Autonomous IT Systems Can Have a Major Impact on These Four Areas

Autonomous IT Systems

IT systems use an array of automatic processes; however, they mostly operate without any real awareness of the IT environment. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed enterprises further to adopt AI-powered autonomous systems especially in terms of cybersecurity.

Here are the four areas where autonomous systems will have a huge impact on IT security.

Scaling of security

Deployment and maintenance of the IT environment on a larger scale are possible due to autonomous systems will. According to Business Insider Intelligence, the Internet of Things 2020 report the number of Internet-connect devices is expected to reach 41 billion by 2027, as compared to only 8 billion in 2019.

CISOs and security experts think scaling security will be a central challenge for future security specialists. With the help of autonomous systems, companies can scale at a faster pace in addition to being more consistent and better aligned to organizational information security policies and priorities.

Reduce the cybersecurity talent gap

It is essential to free cybersecurity professionals and allow them to focus on other important tasks. A Cybersecurity Ventures report notes that the global cybersecurity workforce shortage is expected to reach 3.5 million people by 2021.

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Security teams can pay more attention to deeper strategic efforts if autonomous IT takes care of bigger tasks including patching, configuring, and managing the complex hardware and software. It can also help in preventing human errors that cybercriminals can exploit.

Focus on security analysis

The average time it takes to resolve and fix a breach after it is detected, is around 3 to 14 months of potentially critical exposure. Cybersecurity professionals will be freed from tedious tasks of combing network logs undertake complex system analytics if autonomous tools are put in place.

In addition to having more contextual data and more time to analyze, security experts will have a better chance to spot and address more sophisticated threats and also reduce response time.

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Minimize internal threats

One of the top cybersecurity problems is when company employees turn into internal threats and steal or manipulate data. Autonomous tools can handle these situations and ensure minimum damage. Security teams can focus more on system analytics and lesser team members will require this type of direct access thereby reducing the opportunities for such incidents.

Security team members need a range of insights into the evolving threat landscape due to the type of threats in terms of complexity and volume of threats faced by IT systems. Expert knowledge and preparation coupled with the sophisticated AI and machine learning technologies can help companies to combat rising cyber threats.