Coronavirus Pandemic – Enterprises Need to Boost Security Measures

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Coronavirus Pandemic – Enterprises Need to Boost Security Measures

Enterprises need to evaluate the impact of a pandemic on their operations and take necessary security measures.

Today, companies should ask themselves if they are prepared for a pandemic in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. They need to consider some best security practices to drive pandemic planning.

Companies need to review their existing business continuity and emergency management tools. Evaluating the impact of a temporary reduction in the workforce is necessary in these times. Organizations need to assess risks and vulnerabilities to cyber systems after reducing the staff. Continuous communication, both internally and externally, is essential, as a lack of information can lead to misinformation between employees. IT leaders need to inform senior leadership regularly and make sure there is a clear understanding of leadership’s expectations.

Organizations will also need to identify potential triggers and risk tolerances. It is essential to validate the incoming information at the earliest and generate escalation plans accordingly. There will be instances where companies will need to re-evaluate strategies and tweak them as per new information or emerging trends. Enterprises need to evaluate security risks and create business continuity plans by considering the potential impacts on a worldwide scale. Be in touch with business partners such as the supply chain vendors, to confirm instructions for requests shipments, payment, orders, and possible security measures.

Enterprises need to make sure there is a coordinated response that integrates cybersecurity, emergency management, and risk communications staff. They need to set up an emergency responses center that can be useful in the time of crisis. It is important to have consistent and seamless communications with the company staff and external stakeholders. Moreover, enterprises should also team up with state and local public health organizations for further security measures.

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Remote working will play a significant role in a company’s continuity of business planning. Ensure all the aspects of remote working are in place, and employees have the necessary resources for an uninterrupted workflow. The IT team will find it challenging to support the sudden demand for managing the IT requirements of employees who are working from home. Therefore, it is better to understand these weak points at an earlier stage so that it will be easier to prioritize and solve them.

Although it is not easy for companies to sail through a pandemic, it gives them an opportunity, to build trust and prove their tenacity during a crisis that directly impacts individuals and business outcomes.

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