Cyber Security Awareness is the Key to Cyber Resilient Enterprise

Cyber Security Awareness is the Key to Cyber Resilient Enterprise
Cyber Security Awareness is the Key to Cyber Resilient Enterprise
Lack of cyber security awareness in the workforce can expose the enterprise’s IT infrastructure to various cyber threats and vulnerabilities. 

Any enterprises’ cyber security is as strong as the weakest link in the assets. There is a high possibility that businesses can be a victim of a data breach because of human negligence instead of a cyber-criminal attack.

A recent report published by Tessian, titled “Security Cultures Report 2022” suggests that approximately 30% of the employees think they do not play any role in securing the enterprise.

CISOs should consider creating cyber security awareness throughout the workforce to prevent employees from unknowingly being tricked by cybercriminals, using them to infiltrate the network.

Here are a few ways to enhance cyber security awareness throughout the enterprise:

Upgrade the governance policies and educate the workforce

Businesses need to upgrade their cyber security tools and policies to prevent their organization from malware and ransomware attacks. An efficient governance policy is one of the most effective ways to attain cyber resiliency. CISOs should consider designing and implementing robust governance policies and ensure the entire workforce adheres to them. It is essential for organizations to educate their employees about all the governance policies set to have 100% compliance. 

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Ingrain cyber security into the work culture

Cybersecurity is not only a responsibility of the SecOps team but the entire workforce. This approach will ensure that businesses are secured from all the potential cyber threats. Enterprises need to embrace a cyber-resilient mindset in the work culture to create human firewalls to protect organizations from all the risks.

The same study by Tessian suggests that nearly 99% of the total survey respondents agreed that developing a strong security culture is crucial to strengthening their security posture. Organizations need to make it clear to their employees that they are the first line of defense to protect IT infrastructure from phishing scams and malware. Business leaders should encourage seamless collaboration between teams when it comes to sharing information about security and threats. Encouraging resources to notify the SecOps teams if they notice any suspicious activity on the IT infrastructure is essential to strengthening the cyber security posture. 

Factors to consider to enhance cyber security literacy

Organizations need to implement a robust cyber literacy program to enhance security awareness. Hessian’s report also highlights that nearly 48% of the security leaders who participated in that survey consider training as the most significant factor that influences developing a positive security posture. CISOs should consider creating awareness around the best practices and measures to strengthen the enterprise’s security measures. Educating the employees about securing email accounts with strong passwords is essential to protect businesses from phishing emails. 

Enterprises need to train employees on how to identify suspicious activity, phishing emails, and other cyber threats. The workforce needs to know how to use the tools and applications in the enterprise security tech stack. Moreover, it is crucial to train employees about all the potential drawbacks and challenges of the existing security tech stack to make them aware of the potential pitfalls. 

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Develop robust DevSecOps teams

Embracing a robust DevSecOps approach will help enterprises to improve their review, governance, and support. Organizations that aim to scale and flourish need to develop a collaborative work culture to ingrain security across the development lifecycle. It is one of the most effective ways to analyze technical and business risks. It is a challenging task for enterprises to achieve cyber resilience. Businesses need to design a data-driven strategy with an end-to-end roadmap to strengthen cybersecurity. Implementing the DevSecOps approach will help businesses to embed cybersecurity from the start of development. 

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