How to look for a Dependable Security Practitioner

How to look for a Dependable Security Practitioner

Finding a good candidate to fill one of the thousands of open cyber security positions available is one of the greatest challenges faced by security executives today. By understanding what makes a great security practitioner, organizations can learn to hire and retain effective security personnel.

A lot of great security agencies are set by great security experts. By understanding what makes a security service good, organizations hire and retain the most effective security personnel. This will allow them to increase the number of active employees in the security team. Hiring and retaining effective security practitioner is an important tool for the success of the team as a whole and for an improved security situation.

Here are a few aspects to look for in security personnel, as suggested by successful security experts:


Improving the organizational security of the organization and raising the level of the overall security team both requires teamwork within the group and business, management, and other stakeholders. This is where the best performers do well – building bridges, relationships, and trust across the boundaries of the organization. This benefits the business as a whole and makes the security situation within the business even stronger.

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Communication skills

The skills range from cyber governance and related soft skills to technical skills, such as penetration testing, hardware/ IOT security, industrial control system security, secure development and code review, network security, identity and access management, etc. The ability to communicate issues in non-technical terms that business people can understand is a crucial attribute in achieving leadership positions in this field.

Continuous Learner

The online security landscape is improving rapidly and continuously, so the most important quality to look for in a security resource is a natural curiosity that will lead to further learning. Security personnel need people who will be part of developing solutions that will keep us safe not only today but also in the future.

It’s about hiring someone who is genuinely intelligent but willing to learn from others, without self-esteem – not just a role-playing experience. It is recommended to look at the apparent willingness to learn new things and think outside the box, with some examples of where they have done this successfully in the past.


The most important quality to look for when hiring new talent is persistence. It is important to know if they are determined or if they have the practicality to do the job right. In the cyber security world, the problems people face are not only ever-changing, but also very difficult to start with, so persistence is key.

Additionally, a certain level of persistence requires confidence, which is a must in this industry, as security consultants have to deal with the full gamut of employees, from CEOs and board-level executives to end-users.

The Intrinsic need to Know More

To work safely online, curiosity is a very important factor. To be successful you need to be curious, and look for new vulnerabilities before they weaken to entire infrastructure.

An online security professional needs to be a in a constant state of learning, in order to stay one step ahead of external threats. Continuous learning and updating systems are the only way to stay afloat.

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A good online security professional needs to see problems on both sides. They have to be in the company’s mind, thinking about what they want to protect. They should also look through the lens of the external threat, and see any weaknesses or areas of attack. Having both ideas will make it easier to develop a strategy to protect a company from external threats.

About 70 percent of organizations require cyber-security applicants to have an online security certificate. Therefore, additional emphasis and investment in professional training and development is needed. Hiring staff and giving them the opportunity to develop that experience can go a long way towards raising cyber capabilities across all industries.

While having a real sense of market value for online professionals is essential, investing in professional development opportunities and job exchanges to help integrate skills and reduce frustration with repetitive tasks can also encourage employees to stay longer.

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