The Ukraine Defense Ministry Suffers a DDoS Attack

The Ukraine Defense Ministry Suffers a DDoS Attack-01

The Defense Ministry confirmed that it was attacked, and the website is down. It later told the public that all communications would temporarily occur through Twitter and Facebook.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Ministry released a statement stating that it is working on restoring regular functions that are being carried out.

The confirmation of technical restoration came when the people of Ukraine started having problems with ATMs as well as banking services at Oschadbank, PrivatBank and State Savings Bank.

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NetBlocks, which monitors and tracks internet outages around the globe, confirmed the outages of services to various banks and online platforms across Ukraine. It said that the blackout is consistent with the denial of service attacks (DDoS). It also reported that the DDoS attack impact that began early on Tuesday intensified in severity over the day. It stated that it is assessing the incident.

Another Ukrainian government entity, the Ukrainian Strategic Communication Center and Information Security, confirmed the attack on various banks across the country, stating that they speculate the attack was a DDoS one.

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“Today, we observed multiple DDoS attacks against targets in the Ukraine, and indications of a broader information operation involving SMS messages,” says Adam Meyers, SVP of Intelligence, Crowdstrike. He adds, “The DDOS attacks targeted Ukrainian servers associated with government and financial institutions. Telemetry acquired during the attacks indicates a large volume of traffic, three orders of magnitude more than regularly observed traffic, with 99% of this traffic consisting of HTTPs requests, indicating the attackers were attempting to overwhelm Ukrainian servers. CrowdStrike Intelligence cannot attribute these attacks at this time.”

PrivatBank informed the Strategic Communication Center and Information Security that none of its users’ funds had been compromised during the DDoS attack. The National Police of Ukraine later released a statement that it is carrying out a criminal investigation into the DDoS incidents.

The National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) in the UK and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a statement about potential cyber threats against Ukraine and its allies. As per Adam Meyers, “While there is no evidence of any targeting of western entities at this time, there is certainly potential for collateral impact as a result of disruptive or destructive attacks targeting Ukraine – this could impact companies that have a presence in Ukraine, those that do business with Ukrainian companies, or have a supply chain component in Ukraine such as code development/offshoring.

CrowdStrike urges organizations to remain vigilant and implement innovative technology to amplify their security posture. The two most effective things that organizations can integrate are a managed threat hunting program to help stop threats before they turn into breaches and establishing an identity-centric Zero Trust architecture,” adds Adam Meyers.

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