Top 5 Reasons to Use Managed Security Service

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services work to alleviate the two main issues of the enterprises, which are human error and limited security staffing.

Whether an organization is lacking in security program maturity or simply wants to expand its security capabilities, Managed Security Service (MSS) providers are a valuable option.

24*7 Monitoring

Keeping eye on enterprise security in-house is crucial for businesses, and managed security service offers continuous oversight, 24*7, 365 days a year. As enterprises face increasing complexity and sophistication of cyber threats, managed security services help with sophisticated security tools and the latest threat intelligence, letting businesses monitor and detect cyber-attacks. The Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), provided by Managed Security Services allows businesses to have an active threat protection program up and to run quickly while minimizing cost and maximizing security.

SIEM & Log Management Insights

Enterprises generate very relevant data about their security posture across multiple locations. When CIOs use MSS, they can analyze all the data from a single viewpoint making it easier to identify trends and patterns that are unique. By leveraging Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system, Managed Security Service collects logs and other security-related documentation for analysis on a single platform and uses this information to correlate with the data against a database of threat intelligence feeds and proactively identify any malicious activity.

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Rapid Incident Response & Event Investigation

Managed Security Service with Response & Event Investigation services offer unmatched experience in handling enterprise security incidents. This service prevents further harm to the business, ranging from single-system compromises to enterprise-wide intrusions by advanced attack groups. The Incident Response team of Managed Security Service quickly assesses the challenges that businesses face and recommends solutions using digital forensics and their experience of literally thousands of hours handling every possible crisis.

Minimum Cost with Maximum Efficiency

A team of seasoned security professionals is offered by Managed Security Service which works for the business at a fraction of the cost of building an enterprise security team in-house. As leveraging a full stack of security technologies and solutions could be a very costly endeavor. Therefore, MSS and security outsourcing becomes much more reasonable alternatives.

Team Building

With a global footprint, Managed Security Service offers businesses to be positioned for continued operations wherever or whenever they need it 24*7*365 Security Operation Centers(SOCs).

These SOCs serve businesses with the latest threat intelligence and visibility into advanced threats where smaller or regional providers cannot.

Security Asset Management Relief

Leveraging MSS helps businesses by offering necessary skills and technical resources to the teams which they need in order to manage & administer these new security assets. MSS also take a holistic view of the business security environment and understand the specific requirements of how to integrate the new security assets with the latest patches, configuration changes, and security policy changes.

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Automate Business Vulnerability Management

As ongoing vulnerability scans of the business environment are a critical element for a successful security posture, MSS provide accurate internal and external scans across the IT network assets, hosts, web applications, and databases. Automated vulnerability scans by MSS reduce the resource requirement via a structured distributed deployment, thus IT operations cost decrease. MSS also helps with configuration changes, patches, vulnerabilities, hardening, and policy compliance of IT assets, devices, and applications, with interactive dashboards and informative reports, with the deployment of these automated vulnerability scans by certified professionals ensuring if results ate truly actionable.

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