Top Four Reasons to Adopt CIEM in Cloud Security Strategy

Top Four Reasons to Adopt CIEM in Cloud Security Strategy

CISOs & cloud security operations teams face constant challenges in PAM and identity governance & administration. With CIEM, companies can unify multi-cloud support for complex multi-cloud systems reducing the requirement of numerous cloud vendors.

The Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) solutions encompass the cloud security strategy providing entitled visibility analyzing specific resources access with time. By this, companies can explore and strategize the required measures to manage threats across cloud infrastructure. Here are some reasons why companies should adopt CIEM in cloud security strategy-

Cloud Entitlements Challenges

The increased requirement to access control grows in tandem with all cloud deployments and infrastructures. This increases the permission gap between multiple cloud entities like users, applications, systems, etc., broadening the cloud attack surface unchecked, thus increasing the vulnerability to cloud security. This broadening security risks demand businesses to leverage a CIEM system to target several entitlement management aspects. Companies can work on inactive identities by adopting CIEM in a cloud security strategy. Companies can also identify active identities with excessive access, permission across accounts, and unconventional activity machine identities perform.

With cloud infrastructure entitlements management, companies can strengthen their cloud security strategy by restricting unauthorized access and also securing from any illegal data exchange.

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Multi-cloud Support & Compliance

Many companies are embracing a multi-cloud strategy to avoid vendor lock-in or get the best solutions maximizing benefits. As many businesses work on public cloud services, it becomes vital for companies to adopt CIEM solutions to deliver centralized visibility into the growing multi-cloud estate. The entitlement monitoring and securing process across the cloud platform becomes easy and helps companies to adhere to compliance requirements and rules related to user access.

CIEM platforms automate auditing features and offer a documentation trail detailing the company, highlighting the cloud accesses controls, particularly those that refer to critical data privacy considerations.

With CIEM, companies can have a strong cloud security strategy that ensures centralized multi-cloud discovery and compliance. In the cloud infrastructure entitlements management computes baseline activity and detects events regarding account compromise, internal threats, stolen access keys, and any other potential malicious user activities. This way, SOC teams can track cloud assets, services, devices, roles, and entitlements across various cloud platforms, ensuring regulatory compliance and CIS benchmarks. CIEM with multi-cloud support will ensure scalability whether the company uses single cloud infrastructure or more. Companies in the banking, insurance, and financial sectors can leverage more advantages from the CIEM documentation trail.

Automated Remediation

As automated remediation is integral to cloud security strategy, it encourages business continuity by minimizing security risks and decreasing human involvement in critical processes. With this combination, companies can save money and enhance employee productivity.

The CIEM solution helps businesses detect, discover, and remedy Identity Access Management challenges automatically in cloud entitlements management. It gives users to customize alerts as per their playbooks to perform on-demand automated remediation.

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Cloud Infrastructure Validation

Many IT teams find it challenging to validate cloud infrastructure, and this CIEM solution came out as a commendable solution that enhances employee productivity and enables the company to assess entitlement credentials. With CIEM, companies can proactively define their cloud security strategy, make it granular and expand entitlements’ assessment of their cloud infrastructure. As a result, IT teams can have contextual visibility into all identities, configurations, access policies, entitlements, permissions, and activities in the cloud, allowing them to find any bug.

With the growth of cloud computing, companies will need to implement cloud usage in unison with their security policies to match the increasingly complex modern infrastructures. Companies can address identity access management while developing a cloud security strategy ensuring a 360-degree view of cloud estate and suitable identity and access management technology by leveraging cloud infrastructure entitlements management (CIEM) solutions.

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