Why CISOs Can’t Afford to be Fatigued by Data Breaches

Why CISOs Can't Afford to be Fatigued by Data Breaches

As data breaches are becoming more mainstream, security teams are monitoring thousands of alerts every day, which are difficult to overlook even during off-hours- every day brings a new breach of personal information. Customers, employees, and even IT teams dismiss reports of cyber incidents, including data breaches, since they occur so frequently.

According to research by Carnegie Mellon published in 2020, only one-third of users updated their passwords after being told of a domain breach. The majority of individuals who did change their passwords did so after several months.

It’s one thing for the average customer to be concerned about data breaches. CISOs, on the other hand, cannot afford to become data breach fatigued. That isn’t to say it’s simple for CISOs to avoid.

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Since data breaches have ramifications across the organization, CISOs are hearing about them from others in senior leadership, HR, and legal departments. Thousands of notifications per day force security teams to keep a constant eye on the alerts. CISOs, on the other hand, cannot succumb to data breach weariness, even if they are experiencing it. Fortunately, most CISOs have developed mental filters to assist them to avoid panic after yet another data breach.

Keeping a close watch on the important issues

The need to keep up with all of the information that passes through the network and across social platforms causes fatigue. Many CISOs believe they should be aware of everything in case it becomes relevant in the future. Learning to distinguish between what is useful information and what is noise will help CISOs stay focused.

Usable data revolves around the company’s “crown jewels” – data, identities, and even physical assets. Without a thorough grasp of what their crown jewels are, where they are kept, and how they are accessed, businesses cannot hope to provide appropriate protection.

In a fast-paced industry, avoiding weariness is essential

Businesses entrust CISOs with ensuring that new technologies are brought into the environment in a secure manner. Threat actors, on the other hand, appear to be operating at a faster pace than technology. It’s difficult for CISOs and security teams to be on the offense because the bad guys shift to something new as soon as they catch up on a new threat. This fast-paced environment can be exhausting, and it can also contribute to data breach weariness.

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In some situations, avoiding fatigue necessitates the development of new strategies to how companies concentrate their attention. Because CISOs face many of the same challenges, it’s beneficial to rely on curated advice from leaders and businesses they respect. This can include talking to other leaders about concerns they’ve noticed or set aside time each day to study reliable news sources.

When a CISO’s tiredness sets in, they begin to believe that the job they’re performing isn’t important and that a breach of confidentiality, integrity, or availability is inevitable. Sure, there will be losses and victories, but that does not mean that businesses will cease to compete – or fight!

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