AppOmni Provides SaaS Security Management Support for ServiceNow

AppOmni Provides SaaS Security Management Support for ServiceNow-01

AppOmni, the leading provider of SaaS Security Management, today announced it will be providing SaaS Security Management support for ServiceNow. ServiceNow, the leading digital workflow company that makes work, work better for people, delivers a powerful solution that helps companies optimize organizational workflows from IT and HR services to employee and customer integrations. With the addition of AppOmni, Security and IT teams can identify and remediate configuration risks and security preferences within the ServiceNow Now Platform.

AppOmni is enabling ServiceNow customers who have multiple SaaS vendors to manage their security posture and risk across all of their critical SaaS environments in one place. The Now Platform provides extensive capabilities for customers to monitor and manage the security aspects for the platform and the applications built on top of ones they use most, including providing best practices, auditing tools, security event detection and proactive security administrator notifications.

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With these new integrations, Security and IT teams will have:

  • Increased visibility and expertise to identify configuration risks and security preferences across various SaaS vendors including the Now Platform
  • Access to ServiceNow security best practice policies from a central SaaS monitor service to help ensure maximum protections are in place to help reduce vulnerabilities during custom deployments
  • Availability of high-fidelity detection alerts which customers can configure to send to ServiceNow or other security monitoring tools to streamline response.

“We are excited to work with ServiceNow to help its customers manage and secure the SaaS applications they use most,” said AppOmni CEO Brendan O’Connor. “The new integration with ServiceNow reinforces our expertise as a SaaS Security Management provider with a goal of helping our customers build and maintain more secure SaaS environments. We look forward to continuing to expand our SaaS Security Management solutions on a global scale.”

AppOmni makes it simple for CISOs, enterprise security, and IT teams to fully secure their growing SaaS environments by providing a full suite of SaaS security posture, protection, and monitoring capabilities. With the addition of ServiceNow, AppOmni expands its SaaS Security Management solution to cover the most widely used business critical applications which already include Box, GitHub, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Slack, and Zoom.

Security and privacy of our customers’ data is the top priority for ServiceNow and in a shared security responsibility model, it’s important to highlight security configuration risk and implementation best practices,” said Jari Salomaa, Senior Director, Platform Product Management, ServiceNow. “AppOmni’s integration is a great addition to the ServiceNow ecosystem to bring visibility and clarity into continuously changing security configuration risk. We look forward to continuing to work and innovate together in the SaaS security management space.”

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