1Password Deepens Integrations with Slack and Rippling to Speed Hassle-Free Adoption of Most Loved Enterprise Password Manager

1Password Deepens Integrations

New deployments help administrators defend against Shadow IT, put powerful security tools at employees’ fingertips

Demonstrating that it continues to be an essential piece of the enterprise security playbook, 1Password is now the first security app integrated with Slack’s new org-wide deployment. In addition, Rippling, which earlier this year announced an integration with 1Password is now offering its customers SCIM Bridge Auto-Hosting so they can get up and running on 1Password within minutes. Together, these enhancements make it easier than ever for IT departments to deploy the world’s most loved enterprise password manager to secure the enterprise and defend against Shadow IT.

According to 1Password research, 89% of IT departments using a password manager say it’s had a measurable impact on security at their company. However, this same research also found that employees are twice as likely to say that convenience is more important than security, and almost 50% are more likely to say strict password requirements aren’t worth the hassle.  Both of these integrations alleviate the concerns of employees and support security initiatives by enabling companies to deploy and manage 1Password more easily.

“Our integrations with Slack and Rippling align with our mission to make it as easy as possible to secure business at scale,”  said Jeff Shiner, chief executive officer of 1Password.  “Both Slack and Rippling work seamlessly with cloud apps like 1Password, making it easy for businesses to stay productive and embrace security best practices.”

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Slack Puts EPM at Workers’ Fingertips
Slack is the leading channel-based messaging platform, used by millions to align their teams, unify their systems, and drive their businesses forward. 1Password’s Enterprise Password Manager (EPM) is the first enterprise security app to be included in  Slack’s new org-wide deployment, which provides a centralized way for Slack Enterprise Grid administrators to provide instant access to essential apps across an enterprise.  Enterprise administrators often manage numerous requests for apps while troubleshooting complex installations across workspaces – a time-consuming effort that has gotten more complex and laborious during the work-from-home revolution. Slack’s org-wide deployment enables administrators to easily and quickly install, manage and maintain those apps.

This integration also allows enterprises to proactively deploy 1Password on employee Slack workspaces, rather than wait for employees to do so.

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Once enterprises have rolled out 1Password, they can access an overview of their team’s activity with configurable notifications and alerts that can be sent to any Slack channel. Alerts will let them know when they might need to take action, like confirming new team members or approving pending account recoveries. Once an action is completed the alert message is automatically updated so everyone in the channel will know the alert has been resolved.

Rippling Accelerates 1Password EPM Deployment
As part of its integration with 1Password,  Rippling has upgraded to 1Password SCIM Bridge Auto-Hosting on its employee management platform. The 1Password SCIM bridge easily and securely automates provisioning of 1Password accounts, with the automated hosting solution enabling customers to deploy 1Password in less than 10 minutes. Provisioning at this speed reduces demands on busy IT departments, which are straining as a whopping 89% of employees have shifted into working from home according to 1Password research.