Flex boosts data governance via QueryPie and Okta’s SSO integrations, leading the cloud HR management platform market in Korea

Flex boosts data governance via QueryPie and Okta's SSO integrations_ leading the cloud HR management platform market in Korea

QueryPie, a data governance platform and a member of Born2Global Centre, has announced today that human capital management platform flex has chosen its platform to heighten data governance, in alignment with global privacy regulation standards.

Brant Hwang, CEO of QueryPie, said: “QueryPie recognizes the importance of modernizing existing data governance infrastructure, and is committed to ensuring that our clients’ enterprise cloud architecture and integration platforms do not compromise the protection of sensitive data.

This partnership with Okta is testament to the value that organizations today, such as flex, place in centralizing seamless data workflows, from the management of enterprise digital identities to data governance.”

“Our ongoing partnership with Okta embodies an ideal partnership, with both sides sharing opportunities that enable our customers to become even bigger heroes with best-in-class solutions that address their most pressing needs,” he added.

Kwan-soon Park, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), flex said: “By automating and digitizing HR-related data, flex enables non-technical HR personnel to perform complex and repetitive tasks and obtain new business insights.

With data protection being a key business priority, ensuring their security across our enterprise and data resources is critical. We value having a single point of control over all of our applications and securing our users’ access, which is why we use Okta and its Single Sign-On (SSO) integration.”

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“In addition, our application centralization system necessitates a single point of data access for all of our data assets, governed by a single entity. Through the integration of QueryPie’s solution with that of Okta’s, we are now able to allow our data personas instant access to QueryPie and self-serve data on the go, saving precious resources and costs.

Our data team’s productivity increased greatly with QueryPie’s built-in SQL analytics tool and privilege approval workflow system. Like Okta and our SaaS app access management, we now have holistic data security and management of access rights in one place with QueryPie.”

Matt Paull, APAC Director of Regional Alliances at Okta said: “For companies, today’s hybrid workforce necessitates a greater focus on protecting the data privacy of customers, employers and partners alike. To this end, we are proud to work alongside our trusted partner QueryPie to provide Zero Trust Security solutions for flex, an organization that recognizes the importance of a centralized identity and access control infrastructure.

We look forward to working very closely to boost the company’s security, through our advanced methods of data security that are both safe and frictionless for the end user.”

With this partnership announcement, QueryPie continues its rapid local growth, and is now seeking to expand globally with existing customers including Yanolja, Hyperconnect, and Gangnam Unnie. In June, the company completed the first Okta Integration Network registration in Korea.

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