443ID Introduces a Free OSINT Risk Tool for Auth0 Customers

443ID Introduces a Free OSINT Risk Tool for Auth0 Customers

443ID, an identity and access management open source intelligence cybersecurity company, today announced it is offering its OSINT Risk tool at no cost to customers using Auth0, an identity platform that enables organizations to provide secure access to any application, for any user. Using 443ID actions in the Auth0 marketplace, this free integration adds OSINT Risk to adaptive authentication flows without having to write a single line of code. This streamlines the adaptive multi-factor authentication by adding the risk score check before MFA requirements.

This integration enables Auth0 customers to more effectively target the best times to use MFA, creating a better user experience and a more secure environment. Customer registration events will also benefit by blocking high-risk users or bots from signing up. Auth0 customers can use this solution at no cost for the first 5,000 login flows each month.

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Improved Customer Experience At No Cost

Regardless of size or industry, 443ID’s OSINT Risk gives Auth0 customers a more complete view of someone’s risk to a website or business platform by combining a diverse set of OSINT signals into a single score. The risk score integration for Auth0 allows customers to get a real-time score on an application’s users based on the most important, unique signals.

Auth0 administrators, identity and access management, and other security professionals will benefit from the integration’s improved customer experience and lower cost without sacrificing security. Without coding or cost barriers, existing Auth0 customers can add a risk solution to improve the security and experience for their end-users. These benefits prove most attractive to new and current Auth0 customers.

“Auth0’s actions platform enables customers to adopt adaptive, risk-based authentication in under 10 minutes,” said Travis Favaron, VP of product at 443ID. “What historically required engineers to write many lines of code is now available via a no-code integration for free on the Auth0 platform.”

Identifying User Risk With Unique Signals

443ID Risk is the first adaptive authentication solution based on OSINT signals available at no cost to Auth0 customers. Determining a user’s risk from the outside, OSINT data creates signals that Auth0 customers can customize to fit their business requirements. Free, transparent and tuneable risk scores built from OSINT data provide an additional layer of defense in cybersecurity. OSINT data signals provide an external view of a user’s risk, covering a blind spot organizations have in their existing adaptive authentication solutions.

Most identity and access management solutions today rely on long-term data generated from user engagement to build models of user activity. These models are effective at determining when a user is engaged in risky behavior but cannot determine if the user itself is risky. 443ID’s OSINT identity platform lets organizations expand beyond determining if the user’s behavior is risky to better identify the actual user’s risk.

Auth0 customers can immediately begin utilizing the free, no-code deployed OSINT Risk integration to trigger MFA and control registration in the Actions Marketplace.

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