Greylake Training Solutions Offers Innovative and Accessible Approaches to Security Awareness Training

Greylake Training Solutions Offers Innovative and Accessible Approaches to Security Awareness Training-01

Greylake Training Solutions, a leader in security awareness and crisis management training, has launched new online programs, offering an accessible approach to security training for individuals and organizations.

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Who is Greylake?
“We are a team of survivors, psychologists, security professionals, self-defense experts, learning and development professionals, and emergency medical technicians. Together, we bring the knowledge and wisdom usually only taught to the military or law enforcement to everyone through dynamic learning programs.”

Greylake Training Solutions has also partnered with Global Guardian to create The Global Guardian Academy. The online courses cover women’s safety, cyber security, travel safety, personal preparedness and many other topics.

Through Greylake and the Global Guardian Academy, users have access to a variety of awareness programs that focus on prevention, introspection, and action. Their evidence-based content and humanistic training courses draw from cognitive science, behavioral psychology, and the latest in security operations. The content also draws attention to the importance of psychological, cultural and contextual factors when evaluating situations that are ambiguous, high stakes and time constrained.

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Instead of painting with a broad brush and focusing on one-size-fits-all solutions, the courses are designed to be customizable and diverse, allowing both individuals and organizations to design programs tailored to their specific business needs and culture.

“Rather than focusing on specific threats, our programs are designed to help you reflect on your behavior when faced with a complex and unpredictable situation.” Greylake helps you understand the science behind how you assess risks and the decisions you make, which could ultimately determine your survival.

Online courses are available 24/7 on-demand, allowing users to learn at their own pace and access them from anywhere on any device. Custom corporate courses are paired with analytics to ensure compliance, comprehension, and engagement.

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