A-LIGN Delivers Industry’s Most Comprehensive Ransomware Preparedness Assessment Service

A-LIGN Delivers Industry's Most Comprehensive Ransomware Preparedness Assessment Service-01

Today, A-LIGN unveiled its Ransomware Preparedness Assessment Service, providing organizations with a holistic strategy to evaluate preparedness for a potential ransomware attack. Using proven cybersecurity best practices, assessments are customized according to an organization’s specific cybersecurity needs as identified by the CISO, CTO, CIO or other technology leader.

According to the SonicWall 2021 Mid-Year Cyber Threat Report, ransomware attacks jumped by 151% in the first six months of 2021. With this number steadily rising, it is clear that organizations and their data are at risk of being held hostage by bad actors demanding exorbitant ransoms to release critical data. Although every organization is at risk, many believe they are not targets and haven’t taken the proper steps to find gaps in their cybersecurity posture and strategy.

Petar Besalev, EVP of Cybersecurity and Compliance at A-LIGN explains the move, “Ransomware attacks have become increasingly prevalent with major examples like the Colonial Pipeline attack this past April. That attack led to an immediate and devastating impact on Colonial and the nation at large.” Besalev continues, “More than ever, companies need to take a proactive approach to ensuring they are adequately prepared to both identify and respond to the threats posed by ransomware.”

The A-LIGN Ransomware Preparedness Assessment service provides a comprehensive review of an organization’s cybersecurity infrastructure and processes. The assessment is customized according to specific cybersecurity needs based on the complexity of an organization, risk profile and risk exposure.

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With a unique three-phased approach that includes both assessments and real-world simulations, A-LIGN identifies any gaps in your organization’s cybersecurity posture and helps prepare for any future events.

  • Identify: The first step is to identify key asset and risk profiles with a security capabilities maturity review developed from the latest NIST ransomware preparedness framework.
  • Test: Next, A-LIGN conducts penetration testing and social engineering using real-world attack simulations.
  • Prepare: The final phase consists of table-top simulation and a review of the organization’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans to close gaps in their ransomware response and preparedness capabilities.

The end result is a comprehensive summary of key findings that empower companies to prepare, detect and restore in the case of a cybersecurity event.

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