Accedian and UnderDefense Partner to Deliver Cyber Resiliency Suite

Accedian and UnderDefense Partner

Offering will give CIOs control of their digital landscape through security solutions, consulting services.

Accedian, a leader in performance analytics and end user experience solutions, and UnderDefense, a leader in supporting organizations around the world to plan, manage, and run successful security operations, today announced the launch of a suite of cyber resiliency services, including 24/7 monitoring of network traffic, to support C-suites, boards, and cybersecurity professionals as they assess their cybersecurity and risk management investments. In the face of today’s unrelenting and ever increasing cyber-attacks, the partnership will offer customers unrivaled end-to-end hybrid enterprise and cloud infrastructure observability, continuous monitoring of network traffic for insights into anomalous behavior, responsive action to incidents, and cyber resiliency consulting.

Cybersecurity professionals are drowning in alerts and are often unaware of the state of their continuously changing assets. This leads to a lack of control in defending their infrastructure as they digitally transform their business. Accedian and UnderDefense’s partnership delivers what customers now expect and demand: the implementation of a customized cyber resiliency readiness program, including traffic monitoring services, that enables both comprehensive insights, as well as immediate action for remediation.

With attackers continuously adapting to evolving security defenses, a comprehensive cyber resiliency framework gives businesses end-to-end visibility, allowing them to adjust dynamically in the face of new security threats and potential breaches. A layered cybersecurity prevention model is needed to reinforce the barriers to accessing critical business assets, and Accedian’s network traffic analysis is an integral layer.

“Companies have invested in tools, but have underinvested in security integration, testing, training, and automation within IT ecosystems for comprehensive cyber resiliency during the last twenty-four months. Instead they have rushed to deploy cloud applications across private, hybrid, multi-operator and multi-cloud infrastructure, leaving their security posture exposed,” says Nazar Tymoshyk, CEO and Founder of UnderDefense. “Accedian and UnderDefense have invested heavily to bring greater speed of reaction, discovery, and threat mitigation to both give control back to CIOs and to provide our clients with a dynamically-adaptive Detection & Response, IR, and Ethical Hacking framework. You can invest in solutions like MDR, a SIEM, or a SOC, but you’re buying technology without context if you don’t address cyber resiliency through a business continuity lens and incorporate network based threat analytics.”

According to McKinsey, cyber-attacks are the number one threat to today’s digital economy. As such, digital security resilience is foundational to business continuity and should be a top priority in any sustainable risk management strategy. Furthermore, as demonstrated in recent, well-publicized breaches, security solutions must include network traffic analysis for early stage threat actor reconnaissance detection.

“Cyber resiliency addresses every thread in the tapestry of an organization; it’s a must in today’s business environment, given that a cyber-attacker only needs to find one loose thread to unravel the organization’s business continuity and threaten financial sustainability,” says Michael Rezek, VP Cybersecurity Strategy at Accedian. “C-suites and boards simply cannot maintain financial viability if a nefarious organization owns their security keys, intellectual property, trade secret information, or pricing.”

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Accedian and UnderDefense’s cyber resiliency offering is a suite of services options that includes: cyber resiliency and business continuity consulting; assessment, gap analysis and hardening for sustainable risk management; application, perimeter, and organizational penetration tests; ethical hacking, managed detection and response with advanced network traffic analysis; and incident response, powered by Accedian’s Skylight security and performance product and services portfolio.