Action1 RMM Delivers the Real-Time Visibility and Security Risk Mitigation Required to Support Today’s Hybrid Workforce

Action1 RMM Delivers the Real-Time Visibility and Security Risk Mitigation Required to Support Today's Hybrid Workforce

Action1 Corporation, provider of the #1 secure and easy-to-use cloud RMM, today released the new version of its modern RMM platform. The new features give MSPs and IT departments real-time visibility and control over corporate endpoints and empower companies to support hybrid workforce securely and efficiently.

New features:

  • Real-time visibility into vulnerabilities and IT assets. Users can create new reports or customize existing to achieve real-time intelligence about vulnerabilities, IT assets, and missing security updates for both OS and 3rd party apps.
  • Secure and data-breach-proof RMM. Action1 RMM now supports multifactor authentication (MFA) via Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, Google Authenticator, Duo, and other apps.
  • Remote desktop compliant with modern privacy laws. IT pros can instantly see the logged-on user and configure whether to prompt users to accept remote desktop connections, reducing the risk of improper sharing of sensitive data.
  • Easier integrations and secure API access. Support for industry-standard OAuth 2.0 protocol in Action1’s RESTful API ensures that customers can safely integrate Action1 RMM with other software.
  • Streamlined patching and deployment of proprietary and third-party applications. Detailed instructions during software package authoring, and support for multi-file application packages.

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“As remote work continues and cyber threats increase, MSPs and IT departments struggle to gain visibility into vulnerabilities and mitigate security risks of delayed patch management,” said Alex Vovk, CEO and Co-founder of Action1. “We are delighted to deliver the new version of Action1 RMM, which empowers them to secure and support their hybrid workforces.”

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