ActZero Announces Next-Generation MDR Platform Delivering Machine-Speed Cybersecurity Protection, 4x Faster Than Traditional Defense

ActZero Announces Next-Generation MDR Platform Delivering Machine-Speed Cybersecurity Protection, 4x Faster Than Traditional Defense

ActZero®, a leading cybersecurity provider for small and mid-sized enterprises, announced the release of its next-generation Managed Detection and Response (MDR) platform. The ActZero MDR platform leverages its defense ingenuity and precision AI-detection to give customers an industry-leading ransomware block rate of 90 percent. Within this initial launch, security teams will gain unified real-time visibility across their environment with correlated threat insights, AI-driven tools to surface information faster for better decision making, and continuous protection against emerging ransomware threats.

Ransomware attacks are expected to cost businesses $30 billion in damages worldwide by this year. The speed and sophistication of these attacks are increasing, with adversaries now able to achieve breakout in under 43 minutes on average. ActZero successfully contains and eradicates ransomware threats within 17 minutes, compared to 98 minutes, based on assessments by an independent third-party evaluation platform. Speed to defend against a cyber threat is critical to saving a company’s data, reputation, and business.

“Relying on a cybersecurity partner to protect against threats takes trust. With attackers frequently retooling to evade defenses, it’s not enough to verify once; you need to continuously verify that systems are properly defended to build that trust. We thrive on that accountability,” said ActZero President and Chief Revenue Officer Chris Finan. “Today, we are excited to announce the newest release of the ActZero MDR platform, making it easier for customers to continuously measure outcomes and interface seamlessly with our expert analysts. When every second counts, you need to have complete trust that your security partner will stop the threats to your business.”

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The newly designed ActZero MDR platform dashboard gives customers a real-time and holistic picture of their IT ecosystem and users. Critical metrics such as the ransomware block rate and average mean-time-to-first-response rate, along with real-time reporting provide the actionable intelligence for validating the cybersecurity team investment and continuous efforts to improve security.

“Businesses today need to operate at machine-speed to stop advanced cyber threats, but IT leaders and security teams also need complete visibility of their environment, which legacy SIEM and MDR approaches fail to deliver,” said ActZero Chief Security Officer Adam Mansour. “We designed this new generation of our platform to give IT security teams the benefits of our market-leading, AI-driven detection, and response with purpose-built visibility and investigative tooling to empower them with complete control.”

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