Whitehat Virtual Announces Partnership with BOXX Technologies

Whitehat Virtual Announces Partnership with BOXX Technologies-01

Whitehat Virtual, the expert in “work from anywhere” IT, today announced a partnership with BOXX Technologies, the leading innovator of high-performance computer workstations. Together, Whitehat Virtual and BOXX will provide customers working with some of the most graphically demanding resource-intensive applications globally with an “easy button” for protecting IP, working from home, and collaboration by offering expert VDI managed services and support, guaranteeing a quality VDI end-user experience for customers of the industry’s most complete line of powerful workstation computers.

As a result of this agreement, Whitehat Virtual is the preferred virtual desktop services partner for BOXX. An expert in solving even the most challenging Citrix and VMware VDI issues, Whitehat Virtual has cataloged over 1,500 optimizations for virtual environments, making them perform better and deliver an optimal user experience. Whitehat Virtual is also a proven service partner for NVIDIA vGPU environments ensuring vGPU enables the best possible performance.

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“The arrival of new virtual GPU (vGPU) technologies places heightened demands on virtual desktop technology,” said Val King, President and CEO, Whitehat Virtual. “For users of high-performance graphic applications that want the ability to work from anywhere there is an Internet connection, virtual desktops (VDI) must be paired with vGPU technology and optimized to deliver the performance and user experience digital workers need. At Whitehat Virtual, we’ve seen and solved it all when it comes to high-performance computing on VDI. We are pleased to bring our expertise to the BOXX community of power-computing users and we look forward to bringing BOXX innovations and high-performance hardware to Whitehat Virtual customers.”

As a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, work from anywhere means new demands on environments, including rich multi-media content delivery for remote training and facilitating team member communication. Overall, VDI environments struggle to deliver this level of content since most were not designed to support robust visual content.

NVIDIA vGPU software enables powerful GPU performance for workloads ranging from graphics-rich virtual workstations to data science and AI. This enables IT to leverage the management and security benefits of virtualization, as well as the performance of NVIDIA GPUs required for modern workloads.

“All VDI systems host multiple users on a single server,” said Tim Lawrence, Founder and VP of Engineering, BOXX Technologies. “Only BOXX has the experience and product portfolio to provide engineers, architects, and 3D artists with bare-metal performance in a virtual environment. With Whitehat Virtual managed services and support, we are extending our expertise in high-performance computing with a VDI services partner we trust.”

Whitehat Virtual’s partnership with BOXX Technologies was recently finalized and services options from Whitehat Virtual are available now through BOXX.

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