Advancis Announces The Latest Version Of WinGuard & Its New Product AIM

Advancis Announces The Latest Version Of WinGuard & Its New Product AIM

Advancis announces the strategic launch of its new Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, WinGuard X5, and the release of an entirely new product, Advanced Identity Manager, called A.I.M. The Advancis Board of Directors affirms that the launch of the new products is strategically aligned with its growth strategy and occurs after the good economic results obtained by the company in recent years.

During 2022, more than 160 new Advancis projects were launched in 28 countries, in collaboration with local Advancis-certified integrators. In addition, more than 30 third-party integrations were added to the Advancis library of interfaces, which now exceeds 500 integrations into multiple security, safety, building management and communication systems. Over the same period, growth-focused investments in strategic markets have also led to further progress in Advancis’ international expansion. “Our global growth strategy is bearing more and more fruit, and we are excited to see our favorable position in the market consolidate quite quickly. The official entry into the US market at the end of 2022 marked an important milestone for Advancis, as it truly made it a global company. That success has been made possible by our dedicated staff, loyal customers and partners, and high-quality software products that power our teams,

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Andre Meiswinkel, COO of Advancis, added: “To support our growth and expansion, Advancis is also launching two new business units, Global Business Development and Global Account Management, which will focus on supporting international partners and end customers, as well as providing a single point of contact for key accounts in all markets. This year we will invest significantly in product development and professional services to strengthen our processes. This way we will achieve even closer cooperation with partners and will be ready to meet the growing demand for our products on the market.”

“WinGuard X5 includes a completely new, modern kernel and many new features,” said Lars Waldow, Product Manager at Advancis. “This release is fully based on our new Advancis Open Platform (AOP) and enables the development of new third-party application interfaces and custom features for the user interface/user experience (UI/UX).” Hartmut Nöll, CTO and founder of Advancis added: “AOP is a complete game changer and a major market transformation in that it offers Advancis partners and customers full flexibility to scale their deployments as they choose. taking advantage of all the components of the Advancis software program, in addition to extending the functionalities of the software,

Advancis will also offer an entirely new software product, called AIM, which is a platform for consolidating access control and existing IT systems through centralized identity management. “AIM’s primary role is to ensure that the logical and physical access rights associated with an employee’s role are always in sync. Now, with AIM, we offer a great complement to our portfolio, while maintaining our vendor-neutral integration philosophy. We are very enthusiastic about the response from the market and we look forward to interesting projects emerging”, said Lars Waldow.

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