Advantech Partners with Imprivata® to Validate Medical Tablets and PCs for Increased Data Security in Healthcare


Advantech, a leading provider of industrial computing solutions, today announced a partnership with Imprivata®, a digital identity solutions provider, for establishing interoperability with Imprivata OneSign®, the leading healthcare enterprise single sign-on platform.

Nowadays, interconnected devices are increasingly deployed for capturing, aggregating, transmitting, and analyzing data in real-time. However, because of their interconnectivity, each device represents a potential point of exposure for patient information. Necessitating user authentication before accessing any device or patient data can cause workflow bottlenecks. To address this issue, Advantech has partnered with Imprivata® to facilitate validation of its medical-grade computing devices using Imprivata OneSign®, an end-to-end authentication and access management solution.

Convenient and Seamless User Authentication
Imprivata OneSign® is a comprehensive identity and multi-factor authentication platform that replaces the manual entry of usernames and passwords with the simple tap of a proximity badge or fingerprint scan. This simplifies access and streamlines workflows for increased operational efficiency, giving organizations enhanced insight into medical professional access and interactions with patient health information (PHI) on medical-grade computing devices, satisfying industry compliance regulations.

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Medical-Grade Devices Integrated with Imprivata OneSign® 
Advantech and Imprivata® are partnering to ensure Advantech devices are compatible with the Imprivata OneSign® single sign-on (SSO) authentication solution. Imprivata OneSign® combines security and convenience by enabling fast, secure authentication across workflows while creating a secure, auditable chain of trust as users interact with patient records and other sensitive data.

Enhanced Protocols for Superior Data Security
Advantech medical-grade devices validated with Imprivata OneSign® enable tighter security protocols that include locking down network-connected devices and enforcing stronger security regulations- without reducing overall productivity. Healthcare organizations can improve the security and privacy of PHI, while also ensuring convenient data communication across networked devices.