AGORA and DataMount Partner to Bring Secure Trust Room Technology to Oman

AGORA, DataMount, Secure Trust Room Technology, Oman
AGORA and DataMount Partner to Bring Secure Trust Room Technology to Oman

AGORA SecureWare announced an OEM partnership with DataMount – Jebel Akhdar Data Center, to bring Trust Room security and compliance to the Sultanate of Oman, bolstering DataMount’s existing enterprise managed services offerings with AGORA’s complimentary security and compliance technology. As part of the agreement, DataMount will be selling the AGORA SecureWare solution to the Omani market, under their own brand name, DataMount Trust Rooms. The DataMount Trust Room solution will be hosted, operated and governed by DataMount, keeping all data resident in Oman where required.

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As a leader in enterprise cloud services, DataMount’s new Trust Rooms are encrypted digital rooms where files can be securely stored, edited, and collaborated on between various authenticated parties. Data securely stored within Trust Rooms is encrypted separately from the room itself, which employs industry standards-based encryption, authentication, access controls, audit and compliance technology, and methods. With Trust Rooms, businesses can organize tasks and meetings through their intuitive management system, helping users securely assign and track tasks, set meeting agendas, minutes, and even vote on agenda items, such as resolutions. The solution includes secure voice and video conferencing through the platform and Trust Rooms supports nine languages, including Arabic.

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In addition to security, the platform also includes Compliance Modules which help organizations keep track of sensitive data uploaded into the Trust Rooms. Compliance Modules detect sensitive personal, financial, and healthcare-related content and scan them for sensitive information, placing identified documents into a curated and controlled compliance lifecycle that ensures security and data control. Compliance Modules are ideal for controlling PII (personally identifiable information) and for companies doing business with regions that have strong data protection laws such as GDPR.