AIONCLOUD Announces Global Partnership with Quantazis Technologies as Authorized Reseller of the Full Network Security Stack on SASE


AIONCLOUD, a subsidiary of MONITORAPP, which delivers a full network security platform, has announced its partnership with Quantazis Technologies, a cybersecurity consulting firm based in India, to further penetrate into the global cybersecurity market.

“We are excited about our new partnership with Quantazis Technologies,” said the CEO of AIONCLOUD, Kyle Lee. “We are excited to welcome Quantazis Technologies on board to provide high-performing security services at affordable prices to the world. In the world of COVID-19, it is clear that web security is a huge concern for small and big businesses alike. AIONCLOUD strives to provide high-end web security services that are accessible to everyone.

We look forward to Quantazis Technologies joining us on that journey.”

Quantazis is an Indian based IT company that is determined to set new trends in the IT sector. With its resources and experience, Quantazis is well-known for its expertise in cybersecurity. Quantazis’ mission statement is “Upgrade clientele Businesses” and they work diligently to go above and beyond to satisfy their client’s needs.

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AIONCLOUD is a full-stack security platform service that anyone can start using in a matter of minutes. AIONCLOUD offers a Web Application Firewall, which protects your website from malicious attacks. On average, a website gets attacked every 39 seconds, and with websites now collecting valuable customer data, once that security is breached, most companies do not recover from it. AIONCLOUD makes it simple to protect your website so that you can focus on your business. Website Malware Detection is another service offered, and it scans your website to quickly alert you when there is a malware planted on your website. Hackers are getting more sophisticated and many websites are not aware that they are victims of malware attacks. AIONCLOUD can scan your website and alert you to put your mind at ease. Another popular service is the Secure Web Gateway, which provides secure internet access to your employees. With COVID-19, many people are teleworking, and this has put significant strain on many networks’ security. AIONCLOUD offers a simple and elegant solution that is simple to use and manage.