Alithya’s and Splunk Business Alliances deliver C$7 million in signed contracts

Alithya's and Splunk Business Alliances deliver C_7 million in signed contracts-01

Alithya Group inc. (TSX: ALYA) (NASDAQ: ALYA) (“Alithya”) is pleased to announce the signing of three contracts with financial services and public sector customers to provide Splunk platform access and implementation services. The contracts, worth approximately C$7 million in the aggregate, will provide Alithya customers with access to Splunk’s scalable data collection platform, delivering unified security, full-stack observability, and limitless custom applications.

Leveraging partnerships

As a Splunk preferred partner and authorized reseller, Alithya professionals are able to assist customers in sensitive sectors to break down their data silos. The Splunk platform provides organizations with greater visibility of their extensive data ecosystems, thus ensuring more efficient comparisons and analysis across multiple systems. Splunk technology enables data to be imported and extracted automatically in order to easily generate comprehensive reports via the platform’s user-friendly dashboard.

Furthermore, Splunk’s robust enterprise security functions provide data-driven insights for full visibility and rapid detection, ensuring speed and accuracy in monitoring, detecting, and investigating emerging threats.

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Quote by Michel Lacasse, Senior Vice President, Sales, at Alithya:

As a trusted partner to our customers in all industries, we believe that breaking down their data silos helps support them in better decision-making and efficiencies to ensure that they stay ahead of the curve. Therefore, our strategic alignment with Splunk allows Alithya to provide world-class solutions and services to our customers with respect to the security of their assets, operational intelligence, and their needs in systems integration and monitoring.”

In 2021, Gartner tapped Splunk as No. 1 in the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) market with a 29% market share.

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