Privacy Leader DeleteMe Adds New Features, Custom Data Removal Requests To Combat Increasing Threats To Online Privacy

Privacy Leader DeleteMe Adds New Features_ Custom Data Removal Requests to Combat Increasing Threats to Online Privacy

Online privacy leader DeleteMe today announces the launch of a new Custom Removal Request feature and improved customer dashboard for all new and existing DeleteMe users, bringing increased power and transparency to their flagship privacy management platform.

Today, privacy threats against Americans are on the rise. There are currently over 120 data broker websites which sell personal information on 97% of the adult population, with an average of 296 pieces of information per user for sale, according to the company.

These publicly available records are sold for as little as $.99 each, and are commonly used by spammers and scammers to initiate harassment and fraud, as well as by criminals online who use this information to intimidate victims.

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DeleteMe’s improved dashboard and customer experience are designed to give customers clear, instant visibility into where their data is being sold online, and make it easier than ever to scrub this personal information from offending sites. It also centralizes reporting for multiple family members into an easier-to-use view, so authorized users can monitor and remove information for members of their family.

“The first step to taking back control of your online data is knowing who has it,” say Rob Shavell, Co-Founder and CEO of DeleteMe. “Unfortunately, most Americans still don’t realize just how much of their personal data is currently for sale, and our new features make it clear and easy to understand from the day you sign up.”

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the launch is the new Online Removal Request tool,  which breaks new ground in online privacy. This feature empowers users with the full force of the DeleteMe removal team to pursue websites and individuals who publish private information without their permission.

“This is definitely our new favorite feature,” Shavell adds. “Any time a user finds personal info listed online, no matter the website, they can now submit a customer removal request and our team of privacy experts will manually initiate removal from the offending site or provide instructions on how to remove it yourself, expanding the reach and power of the DeleteMe platform,” Shavell adds.

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